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DAILY QUOTES "Let your peace be God dependent, not man dependent, then you'll always be peaceful"(Omoloye A A) (Share your daily inspirations with us: Send to

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Omoloye Abiola
Praise be to God, you made it here.
Jesus only is our message,
Jesus all our theme shall be;
We will lift up Jesus ever,
Jesus only will we see.


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S. U. N. D. A. Y.
S-Standing firmly and unshakably without compromise is what makes going to church and our fellowship with God meaningful. God is a Spirit and he must be served in spirit and truth holily humbly honestly sincerely spiritually and devotedly. Don’t be a known church bench warmer without record in heaven. Be sure you are fruitfully connected with him.(Micah 6:6-8,Joh 4:23-24)

U-Uncover and expose anything unclean that will make God depart from the congregation of his people. He departed from the tabernacle when he heard the gossips of Miriam and Aaron. Don’t be a cankerworm but a builder and promoter of progress amongst the people of God.
(Numbers 12:9-10,15, Deut 23:14, Joshua 7:1-5)
N-Neither here nor there because of life challenges will make you a prey to wolves in sheeps clothing. Getting busy and buried in activities also without making any positive impact in Christ’s kingdom will also be visited with severe eternal judgment. Be fruitfully engaged for his eternal rewards.(1 kings 20:3-42;Matt 7:15)

D-Don’t go before God without adequate preparation. The Lords day is a hallowed day of worship and blessing for his people. Make your heart ready and receptive like Ezra otherwise you will be absent minded without getting anything from the Lord.
(Ezra 7:10, Luke 12:12-14)

A-Another day of worship service & restoration of years the cankerworm had eaten is today in God’s presence He has lots to share and give to all attendees. Don’t stay away because of non essential things that will add nothing good to your life. Come to God with all your heart. Invite your friends. He is waiting for you.
(Psalm 122:1, Joel 2:25-28)

Y-Your world recognition and respect in the christendom without your name in the book of life is damning. Except you become a new creature in Christ Jesus and your passion for the glory of the world is totally purged out of you and Jesus is enthroned unreservedly in your life you will be of all men most miserable. (1 Corinthians 15:19)

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