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What happened between Rheinhard Bonnke and Pastor. WF Kumuyi. On the recent farewell crusade

The Reinhard Bonnke's Farewell crusade : A Great Lesson.
The just concluded Reinhard Bonnke's farewell crusade taught me a great lesson that will remain with me all the days of my life on earth.
The preparation for the crusade centered around heads of churches and ministries, officers of the Christian association of Nigeria ( CAN) and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria ( PFN). Committees were drawn from these groups to cater for accommodation, IT needs, counselling of new converts and transportation.
At the committee level, a number of heads of ministries and churches were particular about the finance, how much will be available to them in cash but the Deeper life church were particular about the souls. I'm not a member of Deeper life but as a top officer I watched on.
Others kept on demanding for money to work but the officials of the Deeper life Church were encouraging the brethren to sacrifice. The Deeper life church supplied about 50,000 counsellors and provided their camp free of charge to any counsellor who may want to sleep over irrespective of the church such may come from. Its like they are well grounded in the spirit of sacrifice.
When the program eventually begun, they were everywhere scouting for souls as others were scouting for financial remuneration.
Immediately the committees were informed that there won't be any money for transportation, many went recumbent but the Deeper life church were spending their personal money and likewise spending themselves. Like I earlier said I'm not a member of the Deeper life church but their commitment in following up converts challenged me and left in me an indelible mark.
They forsook all to ensuring none of the harvest was wasted.
Many of the way people appear and dance and behave is not in line with the Deeper life doctrine but they jettisoned all of that for them to harvest souls. I'm not surprised because their doctrine centers almost exclusively on the rewards after life and  it brought for them a great dividend in this crusade.
They never allowed the efforts of the Reinhard Bonnke's ministry go down the drain.
Many of us know too much, talk too much but none is translating to good quality service that will endear to the hearts of the master.
We need to change our attitude towards money as ministers because the love of money is the root of all the evils being witnessed in Nigeria and in the church today.
May I add this as an "eye witness" and not just an "online witness". I saw the largest crowd I have ever witnessed. The Holy Spirit controlled the mammoth crowd that there was orderliness even though people were standing shoulder to shoulder. There were a lot of entertainments and true worship. However, when Bonke came to the stage it was clear he was not there for entertainment. He was a man with burden and passion for salvation of souls. No new message of salvation just like the Bible with the same old message of Christ crucified. However, there was power, power, as there was complete and full attention throughout. At times he appears to want to weep, at times you will hear the sound of his heavy breathing from the microphone like an aged person overstressing his energy limit. He must continue preaching because that is the last message or appeal of Christ's General, to Nigerians, no, the whole world, to embrace Christ. After the message, he made an alter call. Nearly all the crowd raised their hands. Most of them definitely are from Pentecostal churches and I begin to wonder why many Pentecostals are not sure of salvation and what their pastors are teaching them. After that his successor, Kolenda came up to minister healing. He started with praise worship which is not entertaining but really connecting to heaven. He made simple prayers. To my surprise no single "falling under anointing". Did miracle happened? Kolenda asked those who received miracles to raise up their hands. They were in thousands. As if it was too much for him to believe, he clarified and asked only those who have experienced physical bodily changes to raise their hands; still the same thousands. From the testimonies it was clear that the Man of Galilee actually visited us. Now listen, Bonke came to transfer his anointing to those who cares. A thousand Bonkes are not enough to evangelize the ever increasing godless world, but they can make a difference. May God raise thousands of Bonkes for this generation and I want to be one. What about you? Just start somewhere and who knows...
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