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Omoloye Abiola
Praise be to God, you made it here.
Jesus only is our message,
Jesus all our theme shall be;
We will lift up Jesus ever,
Jesus only will we see.


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Where are we going? This is an important question for the African Union, ECOWAS and Nigeria, "giant of Africa" I saw these pictures and I wept in my heart as to how life is now valueless to people. These men, probably tried escaping from their company because of the hardship, that doesn't mean they no longer the citizens of their countries.
 There's oppression everywhere, even people of Libya oppressing fellow Africans. The last time I checked the population of the entire Libya is less than that of Lagos, how come they holding our citizens hostage? selling their body parts, using them as slaves, killing and burning them in these modern age. If not that we have regarded these people as irrelevant to the country the government should have taken necessary actions. Libya is nothing beside Nigeria, even with the present economic crisis. It is commonly said that "when we cry we still see"  while we are busy resolving several economic issues, and fighting corruption, we need a voice for these people who doesn't know what will befall them in the next minute. They are dying daily from what we can see, please let this go VIRAL till people who can help will see it. Just a warning or sanction by the United States, African Union or UN to the Libyan government might save these people's lives, but it's like everyone is minding his business. PLEASE SHARE AND LEND THESE PEOPLE A HELPING HAND. This is not religious terrorism it should be addressed urgently, it wasn't this terrible during Gaddafi's lifetime.




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